John Morrow

I have known attorney Cynthia Chapa for several years. She is an upstanding, compassionate and intelligent woman.

When I found that I needed some legal advice, Cynthia was the first person that came to mind. I called her and she was immediately at my side, ready to take on the issue.

Recently, I found that I needed her help in another area, and once again, she was there to handle the matter in the most efficient and professional manner.

I can’t imagine anyone more competent to handle my legal matters.

Joaquin Castro

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Jorge Urby, Client and Friend

"I've known Cynthia for many years as a friend and as a lawyer. She is someone who I've come to deeply admire. Cynthia is a fighter and someone who will always do what is right and fair by her clients."

Gerardo Menchaca, Attorney at Law

"I deeply respect Cynthia as a professional and as a person. Often times, I refer cases to her because I know she will treat the people I send her with respect, fairness and great legal representation."