Effective Child Support Attorney

No child in Texas should have to do without basic necessities simply because his or her parents do not live together. At The Chapa Firm, I help parents in San Antonio obtain the child support they need to provide a safe, nurturing environment for their kids.

I have been a family law attorney since 2007, and I strongly believe in helping people, especially children. I will make sure you do not suffer undue financial burden as a single parent.

How Do We Figure Out Child Support?

Texas state law uses a complex formula for determining how much child support a noncustodial parent should pay to the custodial parent. The formula involves many factors such as each parent's income and assets, the number of children involved, and the children's educational and medical needs. This dollar amount is the standard, but is not necessarily set in stone. Often, parents and their attorneys use this figure as a baseline for negotiating a settlement out of court. If the parents cannot agree, it may be possible to convince the court to grant a higher or lower child support amount.

Child Support Modification Assistance

A child support order is based on the current circumstances of the parents and children. As years pass, things can change and you may need to increase or decrease the level of support. For example, a job loss or medical emergency can leave you and your child in financial danger. As your lawyer, I will help you present a persuasive case for post-decree modification.

Enforce Your Child Support Order

Unfortunately, not all parents take their child support obligations seriously. Call me if you need an experienced attorney to assist you with child support enforcement. I will help you hold your co-parent accountable. On top of receiving unpaid child support, in many cases it is possible to have the court order the noncustodial parent to pay your attorneys fees.

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